Level: Beginner

If you have totally no idea on how to make money online. This is the place you should first look at. We will show you what's the easiest way to start with.

Everything in this level does not required any special skills.

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Level: Intermediate

Here, we expect you have gone through all/at least part of the activities we have suggested in the Beginner Level. And you are willing to step up and explore more opportunities.

In this level, you are required to have some skills in one of the area we are suggesting. Risk should be relatively low.

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Level: Advanced

In this level, you should be an expert in one of the area we are suggesting. Caution, anything in this level required some investment, thus Risk will be high.

Do not try anything here unless you are well prepared and confident enough.

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Money Wise: Our Goal

Money Wise is a community for anyone who are interested in making money online.

Internet nowadays become parts of our life. We spend a lot of time on the internet browsing facebook, twitter, instagram....to be honest, don't you think we are wasting a lot of time on this meaningless things? Internet is a gold mine, and people is starting to realize this gold opportunity. So, don't miss this before it is too late!

Disclaimer: Money Wise is only providing tips and suggestion on how you can make money online. Money Wise does not responsible for only lose in any of your activities you have participated. Please use our information wisely and consider if this is suitable for you.

Money Wise

Money Making Level: Beginner

Welcome Beginners! Everyone when they first start their business made mistakes, so it is not a shame if you've lose any money on the internet before. Let me told you, I am now earning over 5 figures per month, but when I first start, I lose over $10,000 in just a year! This is really a never forget lesson.......

So, I have summarized 3 rules you MUST follow if you are the beginner, this is to prevent you follow my failure path.

1. There is NO FREE LUNCH in the world

  • If you are looking for some ways that you can just sit here and money will automatically come to you. Then this website is not suitable for you and I should say "Good Luck". Remember, if there is such things exists, then would people share the method out? If i know the method, I will just keep it for myself.

2. Do not invest any money in any online program if you are the beginner

  • I admit those program exists, but 99% of them are just scams! Those are only for Advance level user that knows how to find and judge the legitimate of the program. So, beginners lets get back to the basic things.

3. Basic things, "Time" is the only investment you should invest

  • Please, please, please keep in mind you are only allow to spend your time effort to earn money in this level. Do not invest any money before you are confident and earn enough to try something more risky.

Ok, lets cut the crap and begin your journey now!

The following online program/activities are guarantee Risk-Free! You are not required to invest any single penny to join the program. The only effort to put in is just your Time. So, you have nothing to lose physically.

1. Get Free Bitcoin every hour!

Nothing is better than getting freebie every hour! Though there are many ways to get free bitcoin, please again keep in mind, Rule #1, there is no FREE LUNCH in the world. You still need to manually collect the free bitcoin every hour.

https://freebitco.in (claim every hour)

http://moonbit.co.in (claim every 5 mins)

A great website for those who want to learn more about bitcoin.

2. Paid Surveys - The easiest ways to make money online

Did you know there are lots of companies willing to listen your opinions about their products and services? They love to pay you to exchange this valuable information for their future products planning.


Paid Surveys site is acting like a middle-man in letting you communicate with those companies. You just need to complete the online surveys on their platform.

Those paid surveys sites are operated by MNC company. They are legit and have office around the world.

Here are some paid surveys site I highly recommended:

  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • MySurvey
  • Vivatic
  • OnePoll
  • Valued Opinions
  • YouGov
  • Ipsos
  • Global Test Market
  • Opinion Outpost

You can earn up to $5 per surveys completed. And each survey basically takes up around 15 - 25 mins.

It is quite a decent earning if you keep doing 1-2 surveys everyday.

Click here to view more paid surveys details.



3. Qmee - Paid for searching the web

If you are using Google, Amazon, eBay searching products to shop online, then Qmee is a great tools for you to earn money.


It is a Free add-on extension on your web browser. When you search for some products, e.g. "camera" on Google, then in your browser, there will be an extra list generated by Qmee on the left hand side along the normal search result.

If you are interested the Qmee results, click on it and you will earn some cash.

The money you can earn from clicking the Qmee result varies. It can range from $0.05 to $1 per click.

Not much earning, but it wont' hurt to get a little more 🙂

Click here to view more Qmee review and details.


4. Review Website/Apps to earn cash

Ever wonder you can be a website tester and earn some real cash for that? You don't need a  computer programming degree! Just act like a normal custom and share your user experience.


You can earn $10 per review by completing a set of tasks and share your opinion aloud. The whole process takes about 20 mins.

Not much earning but $10 isn't bad!



5. Clixsense - PTC Adverts - Click and get Paid!

Well, I am not a big fan of Clixsense, but I think this is the site every beginner should at least try.

You basically earn by simply viewing Ads (sounds attractive, right?) Though the truth is the earning is very low, less than a penny per Ads view.....


However, Clixsense is a very famous and long lasting site since 2007 with good reputation and lots of payment proof. And now they have added more options to let you earn extra cash , e.g. paid surveys, lottery and offer exchange.

Not bad to give it a try if you are a beginner looking to earn some extra money.

More details on how Clixsense works



So far I have revealed 4 ways to make money online as a beginner. Of course there are much more ways to make money online, but trust me, they are neither just waste of time nor not suitable for beginners.

If you have joined all of the above program and continue to spend about 2-3 hours per day on completing the tasks. I am pretty sure you can earn around $500 - $1,000 depending on how much spare time you invest in those program.

$1000 extra income per month, really not bad.

More Tips to make money online for you



Earn cash-back when you shop through MyPoints portal on Amazon, Walmart and Target. Just did what you usually do when online shopping. You will earn rewards points on purchases.

Paid Surveys

Paid Surveys

You can earn money by just giving out your opinion through online paid surveys. It is easy and does not required any special skills.

Website Evaluator

Website Evaluator

You can earn money as a website tester. You don't need any special skills on programming. Just follow the instruction and test the website like a normal customer and you will get paid.

Forex Trading

Forex Trading

If you love reading charts and analyze data. You have potential to become a Forex Trader. However, this required a very special an unique skills to qualified as a Forex Trader.


PTC - Paid to view ads

There are lots of company out there paying you to view their ads. Yes, very simple, just sit and view.

Paid for Search

Get Paid for Searching

You know what, you can get paid by just searching on Google, Bing, Amazon, eBay. Qmee is an add-on to your browser and will display extra search result when you are searching on the internet. Click on their result and you will get paid.

Start Making Money Now!

Let’s begin your journey now! Every second passed by is just a waste!